Die Aufzeichnungen Des Generalmajors Max Hoffmann

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Die Aufzeichnungen Des Generalmajors Max Hoffmann

By Karl F. Nowak
Verlag für Kulturpolitik, 1928
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This is a contribution of first rate importance for students of the history of the war. The second volume consists primarily of a reprint of the published writings of the general, but the first volume, besides an excellent biographical sketch by the editor, contains Hoffmann's reminiscences of the Russian-Japanese War and above all his diary and notes of the World War. Hoffmann was primarily responsible for the final terms of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk and his notes are full of important information in regard to these crucial negotiations. His attitude is not one which will be likely to meet with approval outside the military circles of Germany, but at any rate it was a strong attitude and was held by a man who knew what he was about. It would be impossible to outline here even the most interesting parts of these memoirs, but they clearly belong with the most important sources for the history of Germany during the war.

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