British Documents on the Origins of the War, 1898-1914

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British Documents on the Origins of the War, 1898-1914

By G. P. Gooch and Harold Temperley
H. M. S. O., British Library of Information, 1927
355,430 pp. $3.00

Volume V of the great British collection and one of the most interesting and important. The subject here dealt with is the Near East in the period from 1903 to 1909, which, in a sense, is the prelude to the Great War. The first chapter of the volume is devoted to reports on conditions in the Ottoman Empire before the Young Turk Revolution. A number of other chapters are taken up with the knotty Macedonian question and the activities of the Balkan revolutionary committees. We have here also the first authentic and complete material on the famous Reval meeting of 1908 and an admirable collection of papers dealing with the various phases of the Turk revolution. But the bulk of the volume is taken up with the Bosnian crisis and the relations of the Great Powers. Isvolski and his machinations are clearly brought out and the acuteness of the tension is demonstrated. As in the other volumes, the editorial work is of the highest grade. Henceforth no student of Near Eastern affairs can afford to neglect this splendid source material.

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