Die Belgische Neutralität Und Der Schlieffensche Feldzugsplan

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Die Belgische Neutralität Und Der Schlieffensche Feldzugsplan

By Johann V. Bredt
Stilke, 1929
216 pp. $0.00

Easily one of the most illuminating and important books on the whole Belgian question. The author, a German deputy and professor at Marburg, not only reviews the problem of Belgian neutrality before and during the war, but shows that the famous German Chief of Staff intended to concentrate on the Belgian frontier in case of war, but without executing a coup de main against Liège. His hope evidently was that the French would become so nervous that they would first violate Belgian neutrality. Here again Moltke changed the plan of campaign in disastrous fashion, although the author admits that there were important considerations to explain this. The book throughout is scholarly, enlightened and well-balanced.

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