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Die Widerlegung Der Versailler Kriegsschuldthese
Die Widerlegung Der Versailler Kriegsschuldthese
By Alfred Von Wegerer
Reimar Hobbing, 1928, 237 pp

An imposing piece of scholarly writing. The author, who is editor of the well-known periodical Die Kriegsschuldfrage, concerns himself here not with the question of the origins of the war as such, but with the verdict of the Commission appointed by the Peace Conference to investigate the question of responsibility for the war. He examines first the source material upon which the Commission worked and has no difficulty in showing how incomplete, and in some respects untrustworthy it was. He then dissects the whole report of the Commission bit by bit, making use throughout of all the voluminous material now at the disposal of the historian. The rest of the book is taken up with the German objections and ultimatum of the Allies. It need hardly be said that the writer leaves the Commission's report and the assertion of Germany's sole responsibility a mere shred. Whether the mere proof of the untenability of the Allied thesis is sufficient to effect a revision of the treaty or the deletion of article 231 is another question.