Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria

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Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria

By Joseph Redlich
Macmillan, 1929
547 pp. $5.00

At last a really great book on the later period of the Hapsburg Monarchy! No one is more competent to write on the subject than Professor Redlich, an authority on constitutional history, for years a deputy and the Empire's last finance minister. He has not written in emulation of Ludwig or his kind, but has followed the great traditions of scholarship in writing a biography which gives the person of the Emperor the proper background. The life of Francis Joseph is inseparable from the history of his time and his country, and this book is at the same time a fine character study and a searching analysis of the whole Austro-Hungarian problem. Much space is devoted to the early years of the Emperor and the influences, personal and other, which went into the formation of his character and outlook. It would be impossible to do justice to Redlich's work in a few words. Suffice it to say that it should be read by everyone interested in European problems.

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