Making the Fascist State

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Making the Fascist State

By Herbert W. Schneider
Oxford University Press, 1928
403 pp. $3.00

One of the really good books on the Fascist movement. The author is thoroughly versed in the subject and approaches it without preconceived notions and without undue credulity. With great skill he describes the emergence of the Fascist movement from the confused interventionism of the war period. The reactions of nationalism, imperialism, futurism and syndicalism upon each other are clearly brought out. In describing the Fascist state the author is careful to stress the lack of a concise program and to bring out the various viewpoints within the movement. The chapters on the Corporate State and on Fascist Culture are to be especially recommended, while the extensive appendices, containing documentary and other source material not readily available, as well as the detailed bibliography give the volume a unique value.

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