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An Autobiography
An Autobiography
By Richard B. Haldane
Doubleday Doran, 1929, 400 pp

The eclipse of Lord Haldane during the World War is one of the tragic aspects of the struggle so far as it concerned England. The initiated knew that the suspicion with which he was regarded by the public was unjust. To those who read his fascinating autobiography it will appear almost unbelievable. For Haldane, who was not of the spectacular type that attracts the man in the street, is bound to grow as time goes on, and Earl Haig was not far wrong when he spoke of him as the greatest war minister England ever had. The book is a work of first interest and importance, in which the historian may read in detail the remarkable story of England's preparation for the war and the organization of the expeditionary force which played so crucial a part in 1914. It is a story of intelligent and devoted service and can be ranked with Churchill's volumes as a contribution to the history of the war.