In This Review

Written in a brilliant and suggestive style, by the former chief of the disarmament section of the League, this is the book on one of the most difficult and illusive presentday questions of international relations. Referring constantly to his own experience and to the imponderables of the problem, the author reviews the general obstacles to disarmament and examines the efforts that have been made since 1918 to bring about a satisfactory solution. He is convinced that in the last count the mere outlawry of war is quite insufficient as a method of attaining security or even the sense of security. Disarmament will continue to be an ideal until the actual causes of war are successfully removed. In the last part of the book the writer surveys the world scene and sets forth the dangers to peace in the policies of the various powers. Outspoken and fearless in his criticism, he paints a picture that is anything but edifying. One cannot lay down the book without feeling deeply impressed by the serious manner in which the problem is discussed.