Versailles to Rapallo

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Versailles to Rapallo

By Baron Edgar V. D'abernon
Doubleday Doran, 1929
345 pp. $5.00

Like Churchill's "The Aftermath," this is one of the few really great and instructive books on the years immediately following the conclusion of peace. Lord D'Abernon, long known as Sir Edgar Vincent to those interested in the Near East, and especially in matters of Turkish finance, was British Ambassador to Germany from 1920 to 1926. His ambassadorial services, not only to England, but to Germany and the world in general, are bound to receive wider and wider recognition. In this first volume of his reminiscences he relies largely on his diaries in giving a detailed account of the various post-war conferences, from Spa to Rapallo. The book is written with the utmost frankness and sets these important events into high relief. The English policy is criticized quite as sharply as that of any of the other Powers, but D'Abernon, like Churchill, has an understanding mind and is thoroughly successful in reviving the psychological state that influenced the actions of the men in control. In fact, it may be said that his keen estimate of the German mentality and his character sketches of men like Rathenau are the best things in a truly remarkable book.

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