European Financial Control in the Ottoman Empire

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European Financial Control in the Ottoman Empire

By Donald C. Blaisdell
Columbia University Press, 1929
243 pp. $3.00

This book stands out prominently from the mass of ephemeral political writings on the Near East, for it is a serious scholarly study of one of the most important phases of European activity in the Ottoman Empire in the period prior to the war. Basing his narrative upon the materials in the archives of the Ottoman Public Debt Commission, hitherto unpublished, and upon other new information, the author traces the financial history of the Empire and the methods taken by the European governments to protect creditors. While recognizing the efficiency and integrity of the commission, the writer lays due stress upon the imperialistic aspects of the control, and leaves the reader in no doubt as to the reasons for the flat rejection of this solution by the victorious Turks. The book should be read not only by those interested in Near Eastern history, but by all students of international relations, political or economic.

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