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History of the Great War. Military Operations. Gallipoli
History of the Great War. Military Operations. Gallipoli
By Brigadier-General C. F. Aspinall-Oglander
Heinemann, 1929, 380 pp

The first volume of the official history dealing with the Gallipoli campaign and covering the story to May 1915. The book should be read in connection with the corresponding volume of the official naval history, and may be taken as the first impartial and accurate account of how the expedition originated and of its first operations. Fully half of the volume is devoted to a review of the political and military situation out of which the expedition arose, and throughout the inherent sources of weakness and eventual failure are brought out clearly. The story of the half-hearted support given the project, the inadequate coöperation between the various arms, and the serious errors in the execution of the landings, leaves little room for doubt that the débâcle was due rather to the mistakes of the attackers than to the resistance of the attacked.