Survey of American Foreign Relations, 1929

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Survey of American Foreign Relations, 1929

By Charles P. Howland. Published for the Council on Foreign Rel
Yale University Press, 1929

With the publication of this second volume the Survey of American Foreign Relations gets into its stride as a conspectus of the ever widening foreign affairs of the United States. Last year the volume was more or less introductory in nature, dealing with factors, forces, and traditions in American foreign policy and with the new relations growing out of the World War. In view of the Caribbean area's special importance to the United States it not unnaturally has been chosen as the leading subject of the second volume. Relations with each Caribbean republic are treated in detail, and the threads of American policy, both political and economic, are then gathered together for discussion in general chapters. Other subjects examined are the Kellogg Pact, the World Court, and Immigration, the last named including a review of the National Origins provisions and its effects. The volume, edited by the Director of Research of the Council on Foreign Relations, with the collaboration of a number of special authorities, is one of the best products to date of American scholarship in the realm of foreign policy.

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