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America and England
America and England
By Nicholas Roosevelt
Cape and Smith, 1930, 264 pp

Mr. Roosevelt attempts to reduce the Anglo-American problem to its lowest common denominator, and his book is on quite a different plane from the superficial effusions which constantly pour from the press. He reviews the present world situation of the two powers, with special reference to the economic factors, and takes full account of the fundamental revolution which has taken place in the last generation and especially since the war. The predominance of the United States is clearly brought out, but the author adduces ample evidence to show that the lugubrious prophecies of England's decline are somewhat premature, to say the least. He also considers national prejudices on both sides and tackles the problem of naval power at the very root. It may be that some of these problems cannot be solved, but books of this sort certainly do much to supply the necessary factual background for the formation of sound opinion. It is regrettable, however, that the publishers have followed the barbarous custom of placing the references at the end of the book.