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Documents on International Affairs. 1928
Documents on International Affairs. 1928
By John W. Wheeler-Bennett
Oxford University Press, 1929, 254 pp

The decision of the Royal Institute of International Affairs to publish each year a companion volume of documents to go with its annual "Survey" is certainly to be commended, but it can hardly be said that this first volume is entirely successful, in spite of the glowing description given by the chairman of the council. The editor points out the difficulty of making a proper selection and complains that many interesting documents have had to be left out for want of space. It seems rather odd, therefore, that so many pages should have been devoted to the Kellogg Pact and the general act of the League, documents which have been frequently printed and are easily accessible. It is equally strange that documents of minor significance such as the Italian-Abyssinian motor road treaty and such domestic acts as the law governing the Fascist Grand Council should have been included. It would seem advisable for the Institute in future to restrict the scope of the volume, enlarge the size of it, or confine itself rigorously to key documents and speeches on international affairs.