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The Dominions and Diplomacy
The Dominions and Diplomacy
By A. Gordon Dewey
Longmans, 1929, 0 pp

This is a scholarly and altogether admirable study, by a Canadian jurist. Approaching the problem of imperial organization from the Dominion side, he devotes most of the first volume to a review of the evolution of the Empire in the past half-century and traces the gradual disintegration since the time of the first Imperial Conference in 1887. The second volume is even more illuminating. Believing that the international side of imperial organization is generally too much neglected, the author gives a detailed study of the conduct of imperial international relations during the post-war period. Taking a moderate nationalist view, he considers the conference of 1926 the final stage in the reorganization of the Empire as a confederacy of sovereign states. For the student of international affairs this work should go a long way towards clearing up the difficult question of Dominion status in general international relations.