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Social Psychology of International Conduct
Social Psychology of International Conduct
By George M. Stratton
Appleton, 1929, 387 pp

The workers in the cause of international amity are constantly confronted with the problems that arise from national prejudices and traditions. In recent years several attempts have been made by brilliant writers to analyze the national mentalities of leading powers and to expose the subconscious factors operating among various national groups. The present book is the more interesting because it represents an attempt by a trained psychologist to approach the question as a problem of social psychology. Beginning with the larger racial groups, the author analyzes the origin and nature of racial prejudices in various stages of development, and shows how the fundamentals of national mentality are constructed and how they react upon national attitudes. In the latter part of the book the ways and means of modifying national outlooks are considered. On the whole it is a stimulating though not always convincing volume.