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America Conquers Britain
America Conquers Britain
By Ludwell Denny
Knopf, 1930, 456 pp

Though the edge has been taken off this subject by the recent book by Nicholas Roosevelt, this volume can be confidently recommended as one of the most interesting political writings of the past quarter. The author, whose work on the oil situation is well known, is particularly competent at this type of writing. The subject, of course, is of first rate importance, the more so as the average American is all too apt to be fascinated and optimistically disposed by political moves and spectacular conferences. Here the reader will find discussed not the feats of military campaigns or the accomplishments of diplomacy, but the less obvious activities of big business interests and the greatest economic conflicts the world has ever seen. For Mr. Denny the outcome is predetermined. The United States is, in actual fact, outstripping England in almost every field of economic enterprise and he believes the unthinkable clash of arms is one that should be very much thought about. The book is crammed with interesting information which will be novel to many readers, and if there is an element of the sensational in the presentation of the material, the arguments are such that they should not be lightly passed over. To those who profess liking to "keep their feet on the ground" this volume should be thoroughly welcome.