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Saint-Siège Et Fascisme
Saint-Siège Et Fascisme
By Charles Loiseau
Gamber, 1930, 240 pp

This is one of the most competent books on the Roman question. The author begins with the usual survey of the development of the problem after the occupation of Rome in 1870 and follows up this rather conventional account with a detailed and valuable review of the position of the Papacy during and after the World War. Considerable stress is laid on the relations of the Holy See with the Fascist Government and on the policy of Pius XI. The most important part of the volume, however, is the analysis of the Lateran Treaties and the discussion of their probable political and religious results. The writer stresses particularly the implications of the agreements and the disputes which arose almost immediately from them. He is clearly skeptical as to the possibility of coming to a definitive understanding and points out that one of the chief weaknesses of the treaties is that they attempt to settle by national agreement a problem which is and always has been essentially an international question.