Die Englisch-Belgischen Aufmarschpläne Gegen Deutschland Vor Dem Weltkrieg

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Die Englisch-Belgischen Aufmarschpläne Gegen Deutschland Vor Dem Weltkrieg

By Carl Hosse
Amalthea, 1930
65 pp.

This is an important contribution to the study of the origins of the war. The author, a former major of the imperial general staff, reëxamines the vexed question of Anglo-Belgian relations in the period from 1906 to 1914, making use of the recently published British documents and such biographical material as has become available. He relies chiefly, however, upon the Belgian documents seized by the Germans in 1914 and returned to the Belgian Government in 1919. The political parts of these papers have already been published, but the military details were omitted. This study is primarily a military one and deals very largely with the negotiations of 1906, of which most is known. There is a supplement in which these new materials are printed, and also a folder of rather impressive maps. On the whole the author makes out a good case for the view that the Anglo-Belgian negotiations were not entirely in keeping with the observance of Belgian neutrality.

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