Les Responsabilités De La Guerre

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Les Responsabilités De La Guerre

By René Gérin
Payot, 1930

Some time ago M. Gérin, a French veteran and radical, submitted to M. Poincaré a questionnaire, through which he hoped to be able to clear up some of the more debatable points in the history of French pre-war policy. The questions hinged chiefly on the problem of Franco-Russian relations. Was France obliged to come to Russia's assistance? Had M. Poincaré extended the sense of the Franco-Russian Alliance in the years just preceding the war? Did the French Government regard mobilization as the equivalent of a declaration of war? Did the French Government know of or approve of the Russian general mobilization? M. Poincaré was at first prevented from replying to these questions by his illness, but has now answered at some length. This volume, then, may be taken as his latest pronouncement on the question of the outbreak of the war. His replies indicate clearly that even he no longer subscribes to the intransigent view of German responsibility as it was laid down in the Treaty of Versailles.

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