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Turkey Faces West
Turkey Faces West
By Halidé Edib
Yale University Press, 1930, 273 pp

What revision there has been in the American view of the Turk has been in no inconsiderable measure due to the influence of Halidé Edib's writings and speeches. In this latest volume her standpoint and argument are developed along broader and more impersonal lines. She reviews briefly the rise and evolution of the Ottoman power and the problems that were raised by the infiltration of western influence in the later eighteenth and nineteenth century. Full of condemnation for the régime of Abdul Hamid, she discusses in a dispassionate way the Young Turk movement, the tribulations of the war period and the rise of the new nationalist movement. The last chapters are devoted to an examination of the new republican system dominated by the personality to the dictator. But throughout the book the stress is laid less on the purely political developments than on the vicissitudes of the Turkish people and their cultural progress.