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Mexico and Her Foreign Creditors
Mexico and Her Foreign Creditors
By Edgar Turlington
Columbia University Press, 1930, 449 pp

This, the first of a series on "Mexico in International Finance and Diplomacy," is a very fine study of the history of Mexico's indebtedness. Like Feis's "Europe, the World's Banker," this book aims at the integration of the financial and political sides of the question. But although this aim is difficult of achievement and requires long years of extensive research, it must be admitted that Mr. Turlington, who has had practical experience in the State Department, has been eminently successful. Those interested in the financial problem of Mexico will find here a detailed and competent discussion of the political forces and factors that lay behind the action of foreign Powers, while the student of diplomacy will find an authoritative presentation of the economic aspects of Mexican international relations. In the extensive appendices many of the more important contracts and documents are printed. There is no bibliography, but the book is fully documented throughout.