Die Anschlussfrage in Ihrer Kulturellen, Politischen Und Wirtschaftlichen Bedeutung

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Die Anschlussfrage in Ihrer Kulturellen, Politischen Und Wirtschaftlichen Bedeutung

By F. G. Kleinwächter and H. Von Paller
Braumüller, 1930
656 pp. $0.00

This weighty volume is all that the title implies. It is, in fact, the best single thing yet produced on the Anschlussfrage. The editors have collected a large number of statements on the problem from competent people throughout the world, so that the reader will find here a most inclusive and exhaustive presentation of every conceivable angle of the question, historical, political, economic, social, cultural, etc. Taken all in all, the volume makes a most effective plea for the consummation of the Anschluss, a development which seems to lie in the very nature of things and one which cannot be forever ignored. At bottom the forced separation of Austria and Germany was the result of dictation by the victors over the vanquished. It is contrary to the principle of self-determination. It cannot be denied that there are still cogent objections to it, as viewed from Paris, Prague or Warsaw. On the other hand it may be questioned whether, in the long run, the game will be worth the candle. It may even be questioned whether Germany would be really strengthened by union de jure with Austria, especially when union de facto can be carried so far. But all these problems are discussed in some detail in the present book, which all students of European international relations will do well to consult.

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