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Loyalties. Mesopotamia 1914-1917
Loyalties. Mesopotamia 1914-1917
By Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Arnold T. Wilson
Oxford University Press, 1930, 376 pp

Compared to the tiresome and costly trench operations of the western front the campaigns in the Ottoman Empire during the World War were spectacular, and in many ways more instructive. Certainly accounts of them make easier and more interesting reading. The author, who was closely connected with the civil side of the army administration, integrates the military and non-military aspects of the campaign in admirable fashion and has very much to say, both complimentary and otherwise, about an operation which began so inauspiciously. The difficulties of the terrain, the problems of supply, the relations of the army with the population, the hardships suffered by the men, all these matters are taken up in the book, which is written with exceptional breadth of view and human sympathy. The volume, incidentally, is illustrated with a large number of portraits, contains a complete bibliography, and has an excellent map.