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Survey of International Relations 1929
Survey of International Relations 1929
By Arnold J. Toynbee and V. M. Boulter
Oxford University Press, 1930, 557 pp

This latest volume in the well-known series published under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs is particularly interesting because it comes close to current problems. The first part deals with the all-important subjects of disarmament and security, as well as with economic affairs. It includes, therefore, a complete account of the preparation of the London Conference on Limitation of Naval Armaments and special sections on the international conferences on economic coöperation and on the history of reparations from the Dawes Plan to the Young Report. Part III takes up Tropical Africa, which presents a number of little known but interesting problems. The Far East comes in for full treatment, while the concluding part reviews the Lateran Treaties. It is hardly necessary to refer again to the excellence of scheme and of presentation characteristic of these volumes. Only the student of earlier phases of diplomatic history can appreciate to the full the immense value of such a digest as the "Survey" and he will not be loath to repeat expressions of gratitude and admiration as the successive volumes of the series appear.