Ten Years of World Co-operation

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Ten Years of World Co-operation

Secretariat of the League (Boston: World Peace Foundation), 1930
467 pp. $3.50

The last decade has seen the publication of a large number of brief and popular books on the activities of the League, written in all languages and some of them very good. The distinguishing feature of this volume is that it is the work of the League Secretariat itself, brought out on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the League. In his foreword Sir Eric Drummond emphasizes the fact that the book is not history, but merely a succinct statement of the facts. So much the better for the large number of people who desire not a discussion of the League's activities, but an analysis of the machinery set up at Geneva and a description of actual procedure as it exists after ten years of growth. One can have nothing but praise for this compact survey. The writers are all of them thoroughly competent and speak with the authority that comes from first-hand knowledge. The material is comprehensive and well integrated, while the bibliographies of the League's publications and of books about the League will help those who wish to follow the subject further. Whatever one's views about the League, one is bound to welcome so convenient and authoritative a statement concerning a really great experiment in the organization of international relations.

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