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Why Recognize Russia
Why Recognize Russia
By Louis Fischer
Cape and Harrison, 1931, 298 pp

This volume is an elaboration of the author's discussion of the same subject in his book on the foreign policy of the Soviet Government. It comes from a warm sympathizer and protagonist of the Bolshevik viewpoint, a person with a long experience in Russia and with extensive official contacts. Exception may be taken to the title, which might better be "Why Not Recognize Russia?" Exception may also be taken to the publisher's statement on the jacket that "the author makes no plea for recognition." However, though the book is written in a polemical style, it is not rabid. Fischer takes the stand, with which many will find it hard to quarrel, that we cannot go on forever without recognizing Russia, and that the longer we wait, the more difficult it will be to settle the problem without embarrassment to ourselves. Approval of communist principles and methods is not involved in the question, and the debt question, so the author maintains, can be satisfactorily adjusted. Bolshevik propaganda, in his view, is a bogey which America can afford to ignore. On the other hand, he argues, recognition will lead to improvement of trade and the advancement of world peace.