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The Holy Land Under Mandate
The Holy Land Under Mandate
By Fannie F. Andrews
Houghton, Mifflin, 1931, 2 pp

It can be said without much hesitation that this is the best general book on modern Palestine that has yet been issued. The author has long been a student of international affairs, and particularly of the mandate system. She has investigated the situation personally, and has consulted with numerous experts on special phases of the subject. She has the scholarly equipment and the detachment of mind necessary for a successful approach to a much disputed subject. The general reader will find in these volumes, interestingly presented, information on almost every phase of the situation in Palestine, from conditions of travel to the actual workings of the Jewish settlements. In separate chapters there is a detailed discussion of the history of the Zionist movement and the Jewish aspirations. In other chapters the Arab claims are quite as conscientiously presented. Needless to say, much attention is given to the policies of the mandatory powers, to the British personalities who have affected the evolution of modern Palestine and to the great issues which are at present to the fore. It would be difficult indeed to find serious omissions or important flaws in these volumes. In any case it would be impossible to call in question the good faith of the author or the intention to present the facts in an understanding way.