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The League Committees and World Order
The League Committees and World Order
By H. R. G. Greaves
Oxford University Press, 1931, 266 pp

The writer of this interesting and really important book approaches the problem of the prevention of war through the back door, so to speak. Instead of examining the theory and organization of League government he analyzes the system and working of the League technical and advisory committees. It is certainly true that this phase of international government has been inadequately treated in most books on the subject, and most readers of the present volume will probably be surprised to learn how much has been done by these committees and how much progress has been made by them in establishing themselves upon a sound basis. The author reviews the work of such important bodies as the economic, financial and health committees, the Committee on Intellectual Coöperation, and the mandates and disarmament committees. The book is well-informed and authoritative and the writer's viewpoint, that war can be prevented only by establishing adequate means of international government and administration, is one that should receive careful attention and thought.