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Die Stellung Der Menschlichen Gesellschaft Zum Voelker-Bund
Die Stellung Der Menschlichen Gesellschaft Zum Voelker-Bund
By Ludwig Waldecker
Heymanns, 1931, 374 pp

This heavily documented book cannot be expected to interest the layman who desires a general treatment of the League organization and machinery, but it should certainly be in the library of everyone who takes the League seriously and devotes some study to it. The author has tried to make a comprehensive survey of the attitude of various social groups to the idea of international organization generally and to the League in particular. There is some discussion of the stand taken by the pre-war, war and post-war generations, of the activities of women, and of the attitude of different race groups. The bulk of the volume is devoted to an examination of the different nations as states, including the minor Powers and the neutrals as well as the Allies. Other chapters take up such questions as Pan-America and Pan-Europe, and discuss the activities of parties, social classes, professions and religious groups. The final sections are devoted to a review of the writings and theories of protagonists in the past, and to the policies of the leading statesmen of the post-war period.