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Russia and the Soviet Union in the Far East
Russia and the Soviet Union in the Far East
By Victor Yakhontoff
Coward-McCann, 1931, 454 pp

This is certainly a most welcome addition to the literature of the Far Eastern situation. Students of the problem have long felt the need of material from the Russian side, and this is now filled in large part by General Yakhontoff, who has had long experience of Far Eastern affairs under various régimes and who has based the present study upon the extensive writings of Russian as well as of European and American scholars. He writes in a good-natured way and with fairness, though he is sometimes rather hard on the Japanese. In any case it is of the utmost value to have this Russian slant on the Pacific problem, and to have in convenient form the admirable bibliography and collection of documents contained in the appendices. Some of these documents are here published for the first time, from the texts in the Moscow archives.