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Technique Du Coup D'état
Technique Du Coup D'état
By Curzio Malaparte
Grasset, 1931, pp

An unusual book, and one that deserves attention. The author, a prominent Fascist, who was in Russia in 1917 and in Italy at the time of the march on Rome, studies the famous coups d'état of modern history, and the technique of revolutionary leaders like Lenin, Trotzky, Mussolini, Hitler, Kapp, Pilsudski and Primo di Rivera. While apologizing for the action of Mussolini and the Blackshirts, the author is critical of the methods and aims of other leaders. He stresses the fundamental weakness of modern governments that depend for defense entirely upon the police, and points out that a coup d'état is a relatively easy operation provided there is reasonable preparation and a modicum of leadership and energy.