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What Would Be the Character of a New War?
What Would Be the Character of a New War?
By Enquiry Organised by the Inter-Parliamentary Union
King, 1931, 411 pp

This volume is an illustration of the substantial contributions made by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in the cause of peace. Starting with the belief that the cause will be well served if there is a clear and widespread understanding of the nature and consequences of modern warfare, the Union organized an enquiry of experts drawn from many countries. Their report covers every conceivable aspect of the problem. There are chapters on the mechanization of war and on the new weapons, on the adaptability of modern states for the needs of war, on the methods of defense against the new warfare, and a special section on chemical and bacteriological warfare. Other chapters take up the psychological, demographic, financial and general economic effects of war. Among the contributors are General Réquin, Major Lefebure, General Montgelas, Francis Delaisi, Paul Haensel, Sir Norman Angell and Nicolas Politis.