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War and Diplomacy in the French Republic
War and Diplomacy in the French Republic
By Frederick L. Schuman
McGraw-Hill, 1931, 469 pp

The purpose of this volume, as defined in the preface, is to give a "behavioristic account of all those patterns of social action which underlie French foreign policy and which have their counterparts in the foreign policies of all other Great Powers." The book is to be one of a series of studies of European diplomacy, with special reference to the causes of war. While devoting a large part of his book to an investigation of French action in a number of major issues and crises, the author goes beyond the usual diplomatic narrative and devotes many chapters to the governance of foreign relations and the mechanism of French diplomacy, as well as to what he calls the "dynamics" of foreign policy, that is, the rôle of parliament, the press and patriotic associations.