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Vereinigte Staaten Von Amerika, Versailler-Vertrag Und Völkerbund
Vereinigte Staaten Von Amerika, Versailler-Vertrag Und Völkerbund
By Martin Löffler
Rothschild, 1932, 143 pp

The subject of this monograph has already been dealt with in scholarly fashion by D. F. Fleming, whose "The United States and the League of Nations, 1918-1920" was noted in the last issue. Nevertheless, the present study is of considerable interest inasmuch as it indicates a growing disposition in Europe to approach American problems in a scientific spirit and to get beyond the denunciations of American policy which have been emitted wholesale in the last years. There is no indication that the author of this book has ever been in America, but he has made use of the resources of the League library and other repositories and has attempted to write a history of American policy in the crucial years from 1918 to 1920 sine ira ac studio. The conclusions are, on the whole, the conventional ones, but the study is well done and is worthy of all respect. Americans will hope that further work of this kind will come from across the Atlantic.