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Survey of International Affairs, 1931
Survey of International Affairs, 1931
By Arnold J. Toynbee
Oxford University Press, 1932, 554 pp

With this latest volume of the well-known survey published for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Professor Toynbee brings his account down almost to current problems. Of the general interest and excellence of the series nothing further need be said. The present volume is devoted chiefly to a narrative of the great economic crisis of 1931, which the author terms the Annus Terribilis. The general account is followed by an analysis by H. V. Hodson of the financial outcome of the post-war years. The remaining sections are taken up with a discussion, from the British viewpoint, of the progress of the disarmament and security negotiations, the Austro-German customs union project, Balkan affairs, and the Far Eastern problem.