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War Memoirs
War Memoirs
By David Lloyd George
Little, Brown, 1933, 12 pp

The Liberal leader here throws discretion to the winds and says what he really thinks about persons and policies. The work would have attracted more attention ten years ago than it will today, after so many other personal and official documents have appeared in print. These two volumes of a projected four cover the period 1914 to 1916. In the first, Lloyd George bitterly criticizes the Grey policy of secret arrangements with France, also Kitchener in particular and Allied strategy in general. He gives here, too, a detailed account of his activity in directing the supply of munitions. The second volume deals much in personalities, often bitingly, and also traces the progress of American neutrality. Despite their polemics and tendency to indulge in hindsight, the books form a valuable contribution to the history of the period during which its author played so prominent a rôle.