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Foreign Relations in British Labour Politics
Foreign Relations in British Labour Politics
By William P. Maddox
Harvard University Press, 1934, 268 pp

Studies of this type are a very great aid in the understanding of international relations. Taking the Labor Party as only one of many comparable organizations, Maddox examines the growth and nature of its interest and stand in matters of foreign politics. This is not a systematic account of the attitude of the party in a chronological series of questions, but rather an analysis of the ideology of the workingman, of the leadership of the labor movement, of the propaganda activity of the party, its action through the press, its international connections and the formation and exercise of its influence in Parliament. The problem is by no means a simple one. In fact the Labor policy in foreign affairs, like most policies, was the result of a compromise. Maddox has made a very instructive contribution to the study of political ideology and of the springs of political action.