A History of Bolshevism

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A History of Bolshevism

By Arthur Rosenberg
Oxford University Press, 1934
259 pp. $3.75

This is the English translation of an outstanding history of bolshevism as a movement. The writer, author of an excellent history of the German Republic, was formerly a communist and was therefore in close touch with the activities of the Third International. He is not only well-informed, but keen and analytical in his thinking. In this book he traces the rise of bolshevist theory and organization from Marx through Lenin, discusses in a broad way the revolution in Russia and the heyday of the Third International. There follows the story of the New Economic Policy, the clash between Lenin's successors and the evolution of Stalin's policies. His general conclusion, which has to a large extent been borne out by the facts since his book appeared in German two years ago, is that bolshevism as an international force is now practically dead and that the Soviet régime in Russia has evolved far in the direction of a bourgeois, national system. On the whole, this is one of the most instructive books yet published on the history of bolshevism.

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