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La Crise Européene Et La Grande Guerre, 1904-1918
La Crise Européene Et La Grande Guerre, 1904-1918
By Pierre Renouvin
Alcan, 1934, 639 pp

This is the latest volume published in the splendid French series "Peuples et Civilisations," and seems beyond all question the best single history of the pre-war and war periods. M. Renouvin is an eminent French authority on the history of the war and has produced an impressive brief synthesis of the many factors in European and world affairs in the years covered by this volume. The book is by no means a purely political and military history, but a work which lays due stress on the economic and social factors. It is based on very wide reading in many languages and draws upon much of the valuable material published in recent years by the Russian Government. The viewpoint is, naturally, French, but M. Renouvin is decidedly a moderate, who knows too much about other countries to see affairs from a single standpoint. Unlike most French books, the volume is well-indexed. This is a book which no student of recent history can afford to be without.