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Le Problème Mondial Du Blé
Le Problème Mondial Du Blé
By Paul De Hervesy
Alcan, 1934, 293 pp

The author, a Hungarian diplomat, sets out to show that the world economic crisis is closely bound up with the whole problem of wheat production and distribution. As the result of a detailed and scientific study of figures he proves that neither the production nor the consumption of wheat in the world at large varies much from year to year, but that there is a wide divergence in costs and prices in the different countries. The situation as it is now has led to the ruin of the great agricultural populations in many countries, and their inability to buy has reacted upon prices and employment everywhere. The author therefore urges the establishment of an international wheat or corn office with power to regulate prices and distribution. The book is thorough and scholarly and represents a significant contribution to the study of the present crisis.