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Japan Must Fight Britain

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Japan Must Fight Britain

Japan Must Fight Britain
By Tota Ishimaru
Telegraph Press, 1936, 329 pp. $3.00 Purchase

The author is a Japanese naval officer writing for his own people. As he sees it, the British drafted the Japanese to fight Russia and manœuvred the French and Russians into war with Germany in order to get rid of a dangerous rival. The Anglo-German situation before the Great War is now repeated in the Anglo-Japanese situation. Unless England is willing to give up her position in the Pacific, Japan will simply have to fight her. But the struggle will be as much a diplomatic as a military one, and it behooves the Japanese to leave their foreign office a fairly free hand to deal with the situation, and to avoid interference by the military. The author concludes that when war comes the Japanese will be victorious, for England is too deeply involved in other parts of the world to be able to mobilize her power effectively.

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