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La C. G. T. Ce Qu'elle Est, Ce Qu'elle Veut
La C. G. T. Ce Qu'elle Est, Ce Qu'elle Veut
By Léon Jouhaux
Gallimard, 1937, 187 pp

The author is Secretary General of the Confédération Générale du Travail and as such is the leader of the organized labor movement in France. This little book, written with the collaboration of M. Harmel and J. Duret, after briefly reviewing the history of the C. G. T., proceeds to criticize the evils of modern capitalist economy. To alleviate these evils it offers a "plan," demanding among other things the increase of purchasing power among the masses through public works and the nationalization of the key industries and of credit facilities. M. Jouhaux stresses the necessity of destroying the financial oligarchy without at the same time alienating the middle classes.