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Two Wars and More to Come
Two Wars and More to Come
By Herbert L. Matthews
Carrick and Evans, 1938, 318 pp

Mr. Matthews, correspondent of the New York Times, reported the Ethiopian war from the Italian side down to the occupation of Addis Ababa. At present he is following the Spanish civil war for the Loyalist side. He strongly sympathized with the Italians in the first of these wars, in which he was given an Italian decoration for bravery, and he believes that Fascism has been of much benefit to Italy. Yet he is now convinced that in Spain the Loyalist cause is "infinitely more worthy than that of their Fascist opponents." This sympathy does not detract from the excellence of Matthews's reporting, which is eminently fair in spirit as well as keen in its understanding of military tactics. This is one of the few really good books on either the Ethiopian or Spanish wars.