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The Forgotten Peace: Brest-Litovsk, March 1918
The Forgotten Peace: Brest-Litovsk, March 1918
By John W. Wheeler-Bennett
Morrow, 1939, 478 pp

This is a worthy sequel to the author's biography of Hindenburg -- "Wooden Titan." It is particularly timely in view of Nazi Germany's alleged designs for eastward expansion much along the lines laid down at Brest-Litovsk in March 1918. It is well that Mr. Wheeler-Bennett, at a time when we hear so much about the iniquities of the Versailles Diktat, should remind us of the sort of treaty which a victorious Germany imposed on a defeated enemy. He shows that the German occupation of the Ukraine was a very mixed blessing for Germany, since the great mass of the Ukrainian people opposed, actively or passively, her efforts to obtain foodstuffs and other supplies in that rich region. As we would expect, Mr. Wheeler-Bennett's narrative combines sound historical scholarship with a keen sense of drama and a most readable style.