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Union Now
Union Now
By Clarence K. Streit
Harper, 1939, 315 pp

For nine years Mr. Streit covered League activities at Geneva for the New York Times. As a devout believer in the purposes for which the League was created, he has watched its decline with sorrow yet with few illusions about the causes for that decline. What is needed, he finds, is a federal union among the world's democratic peoples rather than a loose league of all nations. The nature of such a union he outlines in detail and with persuasive conviction. One hesitates to criticize Mr. Streit's vision as too Utopian for this far from best of all possible worlds; yet we cannot ignore the fact that present-day tendencies are decidedly in the opposite direction from internationalism and free trade. This fact does not mean that serious persons should not try to chart a new course; and all who believe this will want to read Mr. Streit's book.