Mein Kampf and Mein Kampf

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Mein Kampf and Mein Kampf

By Adolf Hitler and Adolf Hitler
Reynal and Stackpole, 1939
1,030,669 pp. $3.00

Hitherto there has been no complete translation of this book in English, since the Houghton Mifflin edition of 1933 ("authorized" by the German Embassy in London) accounted for only about half of the original text. It has long been felt that this bowdlerized version should be replaced by a full and honest translation, since only in this way could the entirety of Hitler's thought and "feeling" be imparted to the English-speaking peoples. Now, as if to make up for lost time, we have two full translations. Both are competent, the Stackpole one being perhaps a little smoother and for that reason probably less like the turgid verbosity of the German original. In both cases the translations are anonymous. The Stackpole edition lacks an index. The Reynal edition comes out under the sponsorship of a distinguished editorial committee, led by Dr. Alvin Johnson, which has supervised the compilation of extensive footnotes elucidating or correcting statements in the text.

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