I. P. R. Inquiry Series

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I. P. R. Inquiry Series

By Various Authors
Institute of Pacific Relations, 1939
7 pp.

Further titles in this useful series, of which the first seven volumes were mentioned in the April 1940 issue of FOREIGN AFFAIRS: "Japan Since 1931," by Hugh Borton (149 p. $1.25); "The Chinese Army," by Major Evans Fordyce Carlson (139 p. $1.00); "Far Eastern Trade of the United States," by Ethel B. Dietrich (116 p. $1.00); "Government in Japan," by Charles B. Fahs (114 p. $1.00); "British Relations with China; 1931-1939," by Irving S. Friedman (255 p. $2.00); "Canada and the Far East," by A. R. M. Lower (150 p. $1.25); "Japan's Emergence as a Modern State," by E. Herbert Norman (254 p. $2.00); "Prerequisites to Peace in the Far East," by Nathaniel Peffer (121 p. $1.00); "The Struggle for North China," by George E. Taylor (247 p. $2.00).

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