Reconstruction of World Trade

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Reconstruction of World Trade

By J. B. Condliffe
Norton, 1940
427 pp. $3.75

How can the growing control of economic processes within national states be reconciled with attempts to reëstablish international systems of trade and finance? This is the problem to which Professor Condliffe devotes his attention. He believes that if planning takes the form of detailed centralized management, its integration into systems of international coöperation will be practically impossible. If, however, the new types of national control take the form of regulation, international integration is not inconceivable, but will demand the invention of new international political and economic institutions. The author believes that in the event of a British victory world trade can be reëstablished on liberal lines only through coöperation with the United States. "If an international system is to be restored, it must," he writes, "be an Americandominated system, based on a Pax Americana."

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