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Men and Politics
Men and Politics
By Louis Fischer
Duell, 1941, 672 pp

This is one of the most illuminating of the journalistic autobiographies that have appeared in recent years. The author has passed the period since 1918 very largely in Europe. Not being a regular newspaper correspondent he was free to go where he pleased, and in time he came to know an unusually large number of key men and women in various countries. In Russia, where he spent many years, his experience was particularly rich. Because of his sympathy for the Soviet experiment, he enjoyed privileges and acquaintances almost unique for a foreigner. Only in the late thirties did he turn against the Stalin régime, and even now he seems to harbor certain blind spots -- for example regarding the great government-induced famine of 1932-33. He also joined in the defense of Loyalist Spain, and some of his best pages are on this tragic story.